Precise, fast, quality, consistent cutting without damaging your products, even the most fragile.
 Easy and convenient to use.
 Quick programming via the pattern library and ChefCut Office® software package.
 Economical with materials thanks to optimum nesting, for maximum waste reduction.
 Easy to clean in less than five minutes, as the few components are easy to access.
 NSF certification: American regulation for food hygiene and public health.
 Quiet: no noise between cuts.
 Low water and electricity consumption.


Product Types

Fresh or Frozen: cakes, chocolate, pastries, food products, etc.
Max. Product Dimensions 600 x 400 mm
Max. Product Thickness 90 mm
Max. Cutting Speed 300 mm/sec
Max. Pressure 3500 bar
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1600 x 800 x 1800 mm


440 V / 3 / 60 Hz

Connected to a compressed air system

5m³/hour – minimum 6.5 bar
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