Mixing ingredient

Déli by TIM CORP is known as a reputable brand in the mixing industry, we have most of the ingredients & tools for product ranges such as milk tea, fruit tea, ice blended, coffee, cocktail…

Déli’s products are highly appreciated for their quality, taste and reasonable price. The R&D team always researches and continuously launches the best blends of ingredients in line with the development trend of the market.

Based on an extensive line of ingredients, Déli’s bartenders develop recipes tailored to each customer’s needs.

Let’s enjoy with Déli to express your passion for mixing!



Learn professional bartending in Déli

Are you passionate about the beverage business but not yet mastering the preparation? Déli’s bartending class will help you with that.

Learning to mix and make milk tea is not simply a recipe, but it is necessary to have an understanding of the ingredients to be able to combine so that the drinks are prepared. Déli bartending class will give you the basic knowledge, along with skills, recipes, and expert recipes. Based on that, you can create many new and unique drinks for your own shop. In addition, the Déli bartending class also shares experience in restaurant management, ingredients, costs, staff, etc. to help make your business easier.