Gelato Making Equiments


In 1927, after years of hard work, Otello Cattabriga created the world’s first automatic Gelato machine. He became a typical model of the ice cream industry and the world industry today.

The CATTABRIGA brand is known here for its Italian Gelato making equipment. Since then, CATTABRIGA and ICETEAM 1927 have always launched top-quality machines for the Gelato industry, and that is also the source of great technological developments as well as one of the most advanced technologies. The world’s leading company, specializing in manufacturing and supplying the world’s largest gelato and soft ice cream machine.

In addition, ICETEAM 1927 is also a member of Ali Group, a global corporation in food and catering services.


Compacta 4 Silver

Compacta Vario

Stargel 4

PSK 185 Pro

Easy Mix

Easy Mix 60-60 Plus

Baby Chef



Founded in 1980, Afinox has been an Italian and international specialist in the design and manufacture of high-tech equipment for the Horeca industry.

Following the development trend, the Company has become a supplier of food refrigeration equipment such as: refrigerators, display cabinets, cold tables, pizza preparation counters… In addition, Afinox provides customers with complete line for food preparation and presentation.

The high quality of the equipment and services is what makes the company proud of its many excellent certificates and certifications.

Continuous research and innovation, combined with the vital support of an extensive network of dealers and collaborators, allows Afinox products to be found in kitchens and laboratories around the world.

  • A quick freezer is a very quick way to reduce the temperature of food.
  • When food freezes, the water inside crystallizes into ice. The longer the freezing process, the larger the ice crystals.
  • Large ice crystals damage materials by causing phenomena such as cell breakage, affecting the quality and taste of food.

Rapid freezing causes very small crystals to form, causing less damage and preserving food with higher quality. Even more useful, once food is “frozen”, it can be moved into a regular freezer for longer storage – as long as it is cold enough for the food to be frozen.

Display CaSES


ISA was established in Umbria, the heart of Italy.

Since 1963 ISA manufactures and supplies refrigerators and public furniture, display cases and refrigerators for ice cream and pastries and professional furniture.

ISA operates in the market through four brands: ISA, COF, TASSELLI and HIZONE.

In addition to many prestigious customers and daily use of ISA equipment, the company has cooperated for many years with important international brands such as: Ahold, Auchan, Autogrill, Billa…


After completing the steps from the ice cream machine, the finished product needs to be placed in the ice cream display cabinets to preserve at the ideal temperature and help customers easily choose the ice cream they like. so that ice cream workers can easily manipulate.

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