Stracciatella coating is a product line specifically designed for coating/covering in creams. The product has a liquid state at a temperature of above 26º C and turns to a solid state when exposed to cold temperatures, so it is very suitable for use as a coating on Gelato/ice cream products. Products with many different flavors/colors …

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Fruity Jam Flavor

As part of Martini’s product line, an extremely concentrated fruit blend.Can be used to make sorbetto (water-based ice cream flavor) but can also be used to make fruit gelato (milk-based cream flavor).There are some fruits, used with water or milk also bring very good fruit taste such as Strawberry, Peach, Berry, Mango and Cantaloupe.The dosage …

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Martini improvers are products that have the function of improving the structure of the gelato, in order to enhance its characteristics of creaminess, scoop ability and sealing in the display case. • Improvers offers: ✓ AI70XB- Cremoso: Mix of plant-based sugars and proteins to improve the hold and ease of scooping of the ice cream on display …

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Sorbetto Base

Gelato Base offers: ✓ AI70AE – Biancolatte 50 S.A: Base powder for a stable creamy texture with a consistently high-quality product ✓ AI70YS- Gold base 50 S.A : Base powder for a stable creamy texture with a consistently high-quality product Format: 2 kg/bag. Carton: 2 kg x 6. Sorbetto Base: All fruit base powders can be used for …

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Gelato Base

• The gelato base is the heart and essential structure of artisan gelato. • It helps a good structure and extends the shelf life of our product. • The gelato base is a fundamental element in modern gelato production that helps achieve a high-quality product. Functions of a base: ✓ Extend the shelf life of …

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Déli premium milk tea powder is a harmonious combination of fat powder (Déli Kreamer) & New Zealand milk powder, bringing the aroma and light fat taste of pure milk, while helping to enhance the acrid, slightly bitter taste of Tea, making milk tea more rich, round, and special. POWDER PRODUCT


Déli is proud to use 100% Vietnamese premium tea, originating from the famous Cau Dat tea land of Lam Vien Plateau, 1650m high above sea level. With a special geographical location and soil, Cau Dat is considered as one of the best “Tea Lands” of Vietnam and the world. TEA PRODUCT