Straight from the United States, a Paste that boasts the flavor of slightly salted American peanuts, enriched with real peanut pieces. This Paste has proved to be a bestseller in Italy and abroad. Packaging:• 2 bucket x 2.5 kg


A sophisticated, concentrated classic paste with a neutral color. Ideal for creating a gelato with a delicate vanilla flavor which combines heady caramel notes with buttery undertones, all without compromising on the typical vanilla bean aroma. Packaging:• 2 bucket x 3 kg


Exotic Paste that boasts the sweet and delicate flavor of coconut, perfect for enjoying all year-long. This Paste can be also used in many pastry applications, to create coconut-scented specialties. Packaging:• 2 bucket x 5kg


With no added sugars – contains naturally occuring sugars. Paste characterized by a rich chocolate flavor, perfect for creating high-quality chocolate gelato enriched with delicate almond and hazelnut notes. Packaging:• 2 bucket x 6 kg


The unmatched flavor of PreGel Yogurt, the most famous yogurt gelato in the world, is the selling characteristic of this product. It’s also perfect for adding a special flavor to many pastry desserts. Packaging:• 4 bags x 1.5 kg